0040_[New] Long WD Tilt Sensor

This product is a Laser Autocollimetor with excellent performance of 1,000mm±150mm working distance (WD).It can also measure with a working distance of up to 10m.


It can also measure with a working distance of up to 10m.
The combination of the optical system and signal processing part enables simultaneous high-speed measurement of tilt (θX, θY) (1,600 times/second) with this single solution.
Special note should be made of its long working distance, which allows tilt measurements to be placed on the floor or ceiling of the equipment in which it is to be installed. This characteristic allows for installation in equipment, as well as inspection and adjustment of long-distance moving mechanisms and evaluation equipment for long-distance sensing devices.
This solution is also designed for easy installation.
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Application examples are also available.
Case studies in the semiconductor industry are also available.

【●Semiconductor Industry Case Study】


This product is an integrated optical sensor with a signal processor built into the housing. Since the measured values are output from the main body of the optical sensor, it takes up less space and allows for a greater flexibility in the installation of equipment.
For example, it can be used to prevent crashes during semiconductor wafer handling and to monitor wafer warpage.
Compared to conventional integrated tilt sensors, the new product is smaller in size and achieves a high measurement speed of 1,600 times/second.
For details, please refer to the following document.

【●Integrated Tilt Sensor Documentation】

In addition to this product, we are developing many other inspection and measurement devices for semiconductors.
Please refer to the application examples below.

【●Examples in the semiconductor industry】

Autocollimator is a kind of optical measurement sensor, a solution mainly available for adjustment and evaluation of optical systems.
It enables non-contact tilt measurement simply by pointing the measurement light on the object to be measured.
This solution enables optimization of optical equipment by accurately measuring and adjusting the optical axis and optical path of optical systems.
In particular, it is used to precisely adjust the position and tilt of lenses, mirrors, and other optical elements.
Autocollimators have long been used in the optical industry.
This product used a low-intensity halogen lamp.
Because of the low intensity of the light source, large diameter lenses were required to bring in a large amount of light into the device.
Therefore, the device was huge and heavy.
We have realized a compact, high-sensitivity, high-speed autocollimator by using a semiconductor laser as the light source and a semiconductor sensor as the detector.



















Our autocollimator (product name: ultra-compact tilt sensor. Our autocollimator (product name: ultra-compact tilt sensor, model: TM-2070) uses a high-brightness laser diode and compact optical components.
It can measure low reflection objects and minute objects that conventional autocollimators could not handle.
Furthermore, by receiving light with a CMOS camera, image processing is possible and numerical control of measurement data is possible.


















Please dispel the image of autocollimators as large and heavy.
Try our ultra-compact tilt sensor TM-2070.
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