What is an autocollimator?

An autocollimator is an optical measuring instrument that can measure angles without contact.

In November 1995, we began selling autocollimators using lasers.
Since then, it has been used in development and mass production.
We have a lineup of products that meet various needs, such as those with higher accuracy, those that support higher speed measurement, and smaller ones for incorporation.

Small and/or embedded models

Ultra-compact tilt sensor

  • TM-2070

In order to meet the needs of integration into equipment and handlers devices, it is the world's smallest model with as much size as possible. (As of October 2024, according to our research)
The image processing unit can measure angles at a processing speed of 60 fps and output data to higher-end equipment.
It is equipped with an APC (Auto Power Control) function, making it easier to use.
It starts up a few seconds after powering up.

Main specifications

Measuring range: ±70minutes (Circular range)
Repeatability: 1sec
Number of measurements: 60 times/sec
Dimensions: W38×D42×H18mm

- Measurement video

- In September 2021, we released software for Android OS.
- Measurement case: Micro mirror
- Measurement case: Resin film
- Measurement case: Ceramic
- Measurement case: ND filter
- Measurement case: Mirror
- Measurement case: Glass

High-speed, wide-angle models

Ultra-wide-angle tilt sensor

  • WT-7300
  • ST-3200
  • WT-2600
  • WT-2910

The measurement range of ±15deg can be measured accurately and at high speed. This is the world's first automatic collimator system. (As of March 2024, our research)
The measurement data is output in analog (±5V) and supports 10kHz sampling.
It is ideal for measuring and evaluating objects with a wide range of high-speed motion and tilting ranges, such as prism mirror measurement of MEMS mirrors and periscope cameras on smartphones, and tilt OIS actuator measurement of camera modules.

Main specifications


Measuring range: ±5deg (Circular range)
Measurable distance: 65±1.0mm
Repeatability: 0.2min
Dimensions: W150×D180×H56mm



Measuring range:±5deg(Circular range)
Measurable distance:65±1mm


Measuring range: ±10deg (Circular range)
Measurable distance: 48±4mm
Repeatability: 0.4min
Dimensions: W160×D230×H60mm

- Measurement video(TEST) -



Measuring range: ±15deg (Circular range)
Measurable distance: 25±2mm
Repeatability: 0.4min
Dimensions: W160×D230×H60mm

WT Common specifications
Sampling 10kHz

High-speed models

High-speed tilt sensor

  • AT-2060

It is suitable for measuring high-speed moving objects, such as measuring the runout of high-speed motors, dynamic measurement of camera module actuators such as smartphones, and evaluation of high-speed vibrating VCM for laser projectors.
The measurement data is output in analog (±5V), allowing sampling at 10 kHz.

Main specifications

Measuring range: ±60minutes (Circular range)
Measurable distance: 150±10mm
Repeatability: 0.024minutes
Dimensions: W100×D150×H56mm

Screen projection model

Screen tilt sensor

  • KT-1530

It is a model that a screen with a scale is mounted on the front of the main body.
Reflection spots are projected directly onto the screen, so the measured values can be visually seen.
Since peripherals do not need to be connected in addition to the power adapter for LD, space-saving and low-cost deployment is possible.

Main specifications

Measuring range: ±30min
Measurable distance: 0 to 100 mm
Display scale: 2min

Dimensions: W50×D210×H54mm

Parallelism measurement model

Parallelism tilt sensor

  • KW-0001

It can be used to check the angle of facing surfaces.
Handlers devices such as chip mounters must be parallel to the reference plane (stage plane).
There are also methods of adjusting using dial gauges and pressure-sensitive paper, but our parallelism tilt sensors can significantly reduce work time.
It's easy to use. Since the beam is emitted in two directions up and down, parallelism can be measured simply by inserting this sensor into the gap between the stage and the handler device.
You can easily manage the numerical value of parallelism.

Main specifications

Measuring range: ±30minutes
Measurable distance (top to bottom distance): within 50mm

Dimensions: W115×D50×H20mm

- Measurement video