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029_Under Development_Ultra Wide-Angle Tilt Sensor (Autocollimator) φ30deg

The autocollimator we handle has the largest measurement range of φ20deg (φ1,200min).
This time, we have succeeded in developing a product that can measure the measurement range φ30deg
(φ1,800min).  It can be measured without contact.  It is the first in the world. (* As of December 2021.  In the autocollimator method.  According to our research.)








The intended use is as follows.

Smartphone camera
Especially periscope cameras, folded cameras, or periscope cameras, etc.
Inspecting the tilt angle of optical components driving optical zoom and optical image stabilization functions

Camera for drone
Inspecting the tilt angle of the gimbal mechanism that moves the camera

Tilt angle inspection of the mounted MEMS mirror

See below for the measurement.
The object to be measured (mirror) is installed on a 2-axis gimbal, and the tilt angle of the gimbal is measured.
The measured value is displayed on the VGA monitor.
The measured value can be output as a voltage.
(± 5V = θ ± 15deg sampling 10kHz)

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