0039_[New] Displacement tilt sensor integrating optical system and signal processing unit

Our latest displacement tilt sensor is the product of our cutting-edge technology.

This product boasts outstanding performance thanks to the complete integration of the optical system and signal processing part. One of its remarkable features is its ability to measure tilt (θX, θY) displacement (Z) at high speed and simultaneously.
Data can be measured in real time at an impressive rate of 1,000 cycles/second.
This displacement-tilt sensor will be a revolutionary advance in the industry. Its integrated technology enables 3-axis measurement in a single solution, increasing productivity and accuracy.
Its high-speed measurement minimizes process downtime and supports efficient operations.

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【●Integrated Displacement/Tilt Sensor Documentation】

Please refer to the following document for application examples.

【●Semiconductor industry case studies】

Here is a summary of case studies for the semiconductor industry in optical tilt sensors such as ultra-compact tilt sensors (laser autocollimators).












●The document of semiconductor case studies is
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【●Semiconductor industry case studies】

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