May 1995 Established Katsura Opto Systems Co., Ltd.
May 1995 Entered into a consultancy agreement with Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1995 Optical pickup optical measuring machine developed
November 1995 Launched tilt sensor (autocollimator)
Dec. 1996 Development of optical pickups, lens actuators, and dynamic tilt measuring devices
Apr. 1997 Development of DVD optical disc mechanical characteristics inspection equipment
May 1997 Development of optical pickup spot adjustment optical system for DVD, CD-ROM, CD-R
Feb. 1998 Development of small laser tilt sensor (autocollimator)
July 1998 Developed screen type laser tilt sensor (autocollimator)
Dec. 1999 Parallel optical inspection sensor development, patent pending
Aug. 2000 Development of image processing equipment "IP series"
April 2001 Organizational change to Co., Ltd.
June 2003 Established a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China
November 2003 Established a development center in Kochi, Shikoku
December 2003 Blu-ray optical pickup evaluation device released
January 2004 Released a small image processing unit
July 2004 Launched the KT series of low-cost, high-performance tilt sensors (autocolimators)
August 2004 Received approval of the Management Innovation Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Business Activities
November 2004 Concluded a contract with Tokyo Institute of Technology for the right to use aberration technology patents.
March 2005 Established technical center in Jiadae Industrial Zone, Shanghai
January 2006 Blu-ray optical pickup adjustment and evaluation device released
September 2006 Released a blu-ray-compatible 2-lens spot adjuster
March 2007 Launched 500kHz ultra-high-speed analog tilt sensor (autocollimeter)
May 2008 Kochi Development Center new building completed
May 2008 AMS Aberration Analyzer released
May 2008 Release of displacement tilt (autocollimator) sensor
January 2009 Launched a 6D sensor for adjusting individual imaging elements for digital cameras
January 2009 Received the 42nd Good Company 'New Technique Business Promotion Award' Grand Prize
June 2009 Displacement sensor released
June 2009 VCM automatic inspection device for mobile phones and camera modules released
June 2010 Released image sensor tilt (autocollimator) sensor
November 2011 High-speed 5D sensor released
April 2012 Line displacement sensor released
December 2012 Launch of vertical level sensor
July 2013 Lens eccentric sensor released
March 2014 Laser solder equipment released
May 2014 Parallelism tilt sensor (autocollimeter) released
February 2015 launched ± 5° ultra wide angle tilt sensor (auto collimator)
June 2015 OIS evaluation device released
July 2015 Development of lens actuator characteristic inspection device for smartphones
April 2016 Closed Loop VCM Evaluation Device Released
May 2016 Launched laser solder device with blue LD
March 2018 White LED tilt sensor (autocollimeter) released
December 2018 ± 10° ultra wide angle tilt sensor (autocollimeter) released
December 2019 Launched ± 5°± 5mm displacement tilt sensor (autocollimator)
August 2020 High-speed 6D sensor released
December 2020 Launch of ultra-compact tilt sensor (autocollimator)
Oct. 2021 Launched φ20° ultra wide angle tilt sensor (autocollimator)